Vertical Malaxers

Vertical Malaxers

Vertical Malaxersset made of stainless steel.


-Constructed entirely out of AISI 304 grade stainless steel
-Capacity of each malaxer 1500 – 3000 lt
-Independent movement with bevel gear type gearbox
-Independent temperature Control


1. The Malaxing process is not affected by the amount of product present in the malaxer.
2. Smaller oxidation surface compared to conventional malaxers
3. Faster and better discharge from producer to producer
4. Steady discharge rate
5. Easier rinsing with less water – easier switching for organic fruit processing.
6. Direct and more accurate heating of olive dough. Larger heat exchange surface in relation to a horizontal malaxer of similar size.
7. There are no bearings and seals in contact with the product.
8. Less installation space is required compared to conventional malaxers

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